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CV :: Security

Security Information

Be safe. Below is a phone number for the security desk in each of our four buildings.
East River Housing

East River Housing Security


7th Precinct: 212-477-7311


The Management maintains an aggressive stance toward protecting the comfort and well being of all its residents. We are continually upgrading the security and safety of our buildings to reflect the changing times in which we live, while preserving the rights and privacy of all our residents.


Dave Malefsky, Head of Security

Bldg Addresses Phone
#1 453 C, 455 B, & 457 A FDR Dr. 212-253-6767
#2 573 D, 575 E, & 577 F Grand St. 212-253-6996
#3 568 J, 570 H, & 572 G Grand St. 212-253-6866
#4 473 K, 475 L, & 477 M FDR Dr. 212-253-6966