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CV :: ERH :: Directors

East River Housing Corporation
Directors, Officers & House Committee

The Board of Directors, Officers, and House Committee Members
volunteer their time for the betterment of the Corporation.
East River Landscaping

Board of Directors

Gary Altman
Carmen Alvelo
Michele Amar
Steve Barbieri
Reuven Bell
Rachel Ehrenpreis
Ellen Gentilviso
Dov Goldman
Richard Kenny
John Sotomayor
Diana Wong


Gary Altman, President
Ellen Gentilviso, Vice President
Michele Amar, Treasurer
Dov Goldman, Secretary
Shulie Wollman, Vice President (non-voting)

House Committee

Send us an email.
Christine Aliferis
Ibtisam Amer
Anthony Brownie
Cheryl David
Leo Hoenig
Timothy Rucker
Thomas Skibicki
Jeffrey Super
Christine Vasquez